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Thursday & Saturday

Mornings 6:30 to 11:30 AM

Sharpening while you wait.

It doesn't take long!

No Appointment Needed!

If for any reason, the Shop is NOT OPENon the days listed,

that information WILL BE POSTED on this WebSite.

Not familiar with Fort Pierce???

Please....View our map/directions above,

from US HWY 1...Use Edwards road.

it will be your safest and easiest route.


Ceramic Knives

Saw Blades

Chain Saw Blades


Paper Cutter Blades

Anything Electric

AFTER HOURS DROP-OFFBOX. . .see picture above

Richard will get to the items as quickly as possible.

Please leave your name, phone number and a list

of the items you are leaving to have sharpened.

Some of the items & cost that Richard Sharpens:

$2.00 Each:

Kitchen Knives

Serrated Knives

    YES! Richard Serrated Bread & steak Knives.



Pocket Knives

$5.00 each:


Lawn Mower Blades

Pruning Shears

Clipper Blades--Because they take longer to sharpen, you will need to Drop-off & Pick-up later. Place them in the Drop-Off box with you Name, Phone Number, & Number of Blades.

Charges Varies for  Tools and more. 

The Only Good a Sharp Knife!


Please EMAIL YOUR Question, Comments, etc.

along with you Name & Phone Number...

We will respond ASAP!

Your Email Address will not be sold or used

other than a reply from Richard's Sharpening.